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SubrScene Image Generator

SubrScene is a simulation visualization toolkit. It provides software applications and libraries to aid in the development of real-time immersion of 3D synthetic environments. SubrScene was originally developed to support flight simulation for the U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory. SubrScene uses open source, commercial and government defined database formats.

As such, the framework and application are targeted to simulation engineers and software developers that need to build robust, scalable, virtual simulation applications. It has been used extensively to build applications that must meet strict real-time performance requirements associated with humans interacting with the simulated environment.

SubrScene is designed around a framework that allows for use as an application for clustered graphics solutions or embedded in user defined applications. Current distributions include modules to interface the cluster to host applications using protocols such as Common Image Generation Interface (CIGI) or user defined protocol to interface to the graphics cluster. The SDK for allows for the same graphics functionality to be embedded using a C++ interface into the user application.

Project News

Version 14.06 Released

Friday, July 19 2014: New version posted - see downloads page.

Version 12.11 Released

Monday, December 3 2012: New version posted - see downloads page.

CIGI Version 3 Support

Sunday, October 4 2009: New update branch was loaded to subversion. This update will be merged to main branch shortly. Update was provided by Tim MtCastle and includes CIGI 3 CCL support. This code can be found here in this svn branch. Distribution to follow.

Patch file for SubrScene 9.03

Tuesday, March 24 2009: Plugin missing for loading models from model set. See download page for patch file.

Windows Release of SubrScene 9.03

Tuesday, March 10 2009: New version added. Version 9.03 update fixes several bugs with 9.01. This release fixes some issues with the VTP release code. This release fixes several issues with the ssOneView application. Also changes were made to the simple shader plugin which had issues running in pure SDK embedded in glut. Changes were made to support Player focused paging for LOD centers.

Windows Release of SubrScene 9.01

Sunday, January 18 2009: New version added. Version 9.01 is the initial release which includes the upgrade to OSG 2.6.1. This release also includes new database format support for the Virtual Terrain Project format. In addition a new single channel display application called “OneView” has been added. This application provides the same functionality of the MultiView “ssControl”, but for a single channel display. Allowing for better individual user interaction and operation. Also this will be the first version using the new versioning scheme. Which is based on the Year.Month released.

Initial Screen Capture page added

Tuesday, January 13 2009: Screen Shots page added. Initial pages shows example of new ssOneView application and new cloud layer capability. Screen shows also show new ability of nemod.exe to support multiple client threads on a single computer.

Subversion activated for project

Monday, January 12 2009: New source uploaded to the SubVersion server on source forge. Download page updated to support and aid users access to subversion trunk. This source base includes new ssOneView application for next release. Project naming convention changed to Y.MM scheme.

Version 10-26-2008 Released

Sunday, October 26 2008 : New release of Open Source SubrScene IGS core is posted on sourceforge. This release includes simple shader to change the scene to black and white, a simple implementation for a hud module and a joystick interface to drive the scene without an host simulation. In addition an example application using the ssFrameWork is included to show the integration of embedded subrscene into other applications. To enable ease of integration, the windows release includes precompiled libraries and header files for developers.

Version 7-17-2007 Released

Tuesday, July 17 2007 : The first release of Open Source SubrScene IGS core is posted to sourceforge. This distribution includes an initial example database and model set.

Web Site Update

Tuesday, July 17 2007 : Latest Web site is deployed.

Website and Sourceforge Project Established

Thursday, May 3 2007: This initial website and the SubrScene sourceforge project has been created to facilitate the distribution of software releases. This site will serve as the primary source for SubrScene news and information.

SubrScene at PC Working Group Conference

Tuesday, May 1 2007 : A 30 minute briefing on SubrScene was presented at the PC Working Group Conference in Las Vegas on April 19th.

Public Domain Release

Monday, April 16 2007 : SubrScene, a popular image generation toolkit developed to support a multitude of simulation activities was today approved for public release by the U.S. Air Force.

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